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It's becoming a more common thing these days to see a blend of colors taking place in families and you know what I say to that? I love it! Why you might ask, well let's see....... God made man - woman was made for man - they had babies - babies grew up and had there babies and then at some point there became division and more division until people everywhere look different from people everywhere else. Nothing at all wrong with that but...... but man came up with something wrong because of it. Physical differences became social differences and even worse a causation for demeanment of the human life of some to be not as much worth as someone else based entirely off what one looks like. What a stupid thing. The prejudices that exist between cultures have nothing to do with anything of any kind of a sound science to them at all. You have all sides arguing about the dangers of the growing number of interracial relationships. Some white people are claiming that there's a threat of 'white' genocide occurring and some black people are lamenting the emergence of an extra light chocolate variety of humanity. Oh my gosh what will we ever do if we all start looking like each other again!!! It would be.... be... like the beginning of mankind again.... Wait a moment? Exactly what would be wrong with that? There must be something we're missing. Let's see...ah there must be something unhealthy about it. Let's see.... nope it can't be the mixed babies because wow they've got better immune systems than both parents combined. So.... darn.... I can't find a physical reasons why it would be unhealthy in a physical sense. It must be unhealthy in a social sense. Got to be it. So let's examine the ultra blond prototypical white girl who brings the Nigerian black dude home to the family farm for Thanksgiving. White family members sitting in shock.... what to say.... so much.... so much.... what..... so much what 'what'. White family members silently fill plates as they contemplate personal states of bound up wordlessness and yet one valiant family member breaks ice and talks to the boyfriend who looks like he wants nothing better than to bail ship, but doesn't because he's found something good in the girl sitting beside him that's worth sacrificing for. Conversation begins to flow and before long white girl's father begins to nod affirmatively to what black boyfriend is saying about why he chose the career path he is studying for at college. Realization is silently made among white family. This stranger isn't so strange ... he's.... he's normal. He just looks different, but he's genuine. They notice way he treats white girl family member, notice how she leans on every word he says. Decision comes full circle in family as days, weeks and then months go by - these two are perfect for each other. So different culturally and physically, but they fit perfectly. Observation Analysis - Oh no! Cultural mix-up in this family brings about tolerance of others who are different! Empathetic realization that we are all human! Willingness to go out of comfort zone and deal with others like has never been done before in family! Result may affect entire community for the positive! What is happening? Where is the smoking gun? Why are there only positive results being seen? Both sides say it is bad but look...they look good together. Slowly but surely families realize this truth too and old cultural prison bars are thrown away as everyone crowds around wanting a chance to hold the healthy and very happy blue eyed light chocolate baby that is a possessor of a God given soul unique only to it. Unity has begun and divisions are being forgotten even as differences are dispelled with one on one interaction as black and white come together and treat each other as one big family.

I hope my attempt at sarcasm was reconized even as I hope my little story illustrates

How far off we as humans have drifted from what is actually really good for us both physically and socially. As humans we get closed off in isolation and we suddenly turn on anything that is different than the norm and all we’re doing when it comes to matters of cultural disparity is hurting ourselves. I hate the word 'race'. There are no races – there are different cultures. I can separate a cattle herd in half and expose one herd to a different environment and the other herd to its environments and after 10 years of disparate handling I’ve created two very different looking animals, but guess what? If I take a bull from one herd and pair it up with a cow from the other I still get a calf in the end. I don’t have two races of cattle just as humans all started from one male and one female. It’s so simple but look at how much hatred there is engendered by the mixing up of humanities herds. As an author I am intentional about being real with my beliefs and incorporating them into what I write. I don’t write as someone else or for what I think someone would like in order to stay inside the ‘genre’. No, I write out of who I am and this issue of interracial woe that has been going on for a long, and I mean a long time, on whichever side of the cultural fence you look is simply stupid. The only unhealthy thing I see in the whole matter is the ascribance to the belief that there’s something wrong when one individual splits from the herd and joins up with the herd at the other end of the valley. In the exchange of the primary parties no one became less human, but those on the sidelines slinging the hate at the occurrence of such a coming together are truly the ones exhibiting the less than being human attributes being railed at the other side of the pasture and vice versa. In the spiteful desire to remain separate and maintain their glorious cultural superiority all that is truly being stated is a statement of the spiritual inbreeding of weakness that has occurred on the part of the individual who does not believe the Word of God.  Who does not believe that, “God is not a respecter of persons’ or ‘that God created all men equal’. They want to feel special because in their heart they are holding on to insecurities and memories of past misdeeds that they simply aren’t willing to face and express forgiveness for. Instead they label everything different from them as being at fault and like minds form together and unite behind misguided causes and race wars and hate crimes abound when really this world would be such a better place if no one gave a care in the world for how we all look on the outside. It’s what’s inside that counts. Always has been always will be. So I write stories that often show these cultural mix-ups in them. Maybe some people think I do it for the shock value or something and to that I will honestly respond with, ‘God writes the stories’. I pray for inspiration and the colors and backgrounds of individuals simply fall into place the way God intended.


The world would label me upon appearance as simply a white man. I am God’s man. I write the stories God wants to have written. I don’t write anything as a white man. I don’t do or motivate myself to do anything out of my glorious whiteness (sarcasm again people). Seriously, I’m sick of black history month or any other trumped up excuse by society, well-meaning, or not that divides people on the basis of outward appearance. I think ‘people’ should be revered for their accomplishments each month instead of this swing to isolate groups apart from one another. People are what are exceptional not skin color or even culture. What, why don’t eastern pacific Polynesian descendants have a history month? Division – division – division. All these gimmicks are meant to divide us – to keep us isolated – to keep love bound up – to make us all more manageable by those who have no good intentions for anyone. To all the black colored people out there who voted for Barack Obama simply because he was black – that was wrong to do. You furthered racial tension and hate driven bias by engaging in a bias yourselves that had no contemplative thought in it other than a desire for racial one upping. To all the women who voted for Hillary Clinton just because she was a woman – that was wrong to do. To all the people who voted for Trump because he was the best option to fix all the financial breakdowns that a ‘black' man caused – that was the wrong thing to do. These last three statements have now labeled me to many as nothing more than a racist chauvinist traitor to my own kind in the minds of many. It doesn’t matter that I’ve written over 10 books that feature interracial couples. It doesn’t matter that in all my books I represent women as empowered individuals. It doesn’t matter that I have a heart for babies wherever they may be in this world of ours that are starving, being hurt and abused. I’m a father and I tell you right now that any child in this world is worth stepping in front of a vehicle for in order to save it. We are all human, but how we have allowed differences in ethnicity and appearance to impair and downright harm rational thought is an abomination. I’m not going to stop writing about the issues that matter and I’m not going to culture some vaunted degree of special mythical ‘whiteness’ power to help me do anything even as in my opinion a black skinned person shouldn’t put up any great ado over having ‘black power’. Simply walk down the street and love the skin you’re in and respect everyone you come across and treat them as individuals and as much as the situation may warrant it try to be friendly. Forget what your family keeps whispering into your ear about the sins of yesteryear and live freely in the moment and by so doing it just may be that you will invoke a future that doesn’t end up in picket lines of one misguided cause railing against another misguided cause because neither of them can accept there being anything good about the other. God made us and I believe as stewards we should all take care of each other. So the 10 books shown + one other paid book of mine, since Agent with a History is listed for free everywhere, are having their earnings set aside for the next several months. Whatever income they generate I am dividing apart and donating to a worthy cause located on each continent of our world. Thousands of years after the fact of creation we may all look and sound a lot different from each other, but there are those of us who are connected together in ways that one simply would not guess at. God is impartial and His children are everywhere and I think that as a child of God we should all do our part to help our fellow humanity. I’m not about world peace so much as I am about people everywhere standing up for what is right and standing together to fight against what is not. So I encourage people reading this to do the same. If your a black person and you buy one of these books in the coming months then you’ve partnered with me to help some white people in Russia, some Asian people in Japan, some Sudanese people in Africa, some Chileans in South America, some  Spanish kids in Europe,  some kids in my own neighborhood in North America, and last but not least some kids in the Australia-Polynesia side of the world. There is nothing rascist about it, but rather it is a celebration of humanity caring for humanity and no I’m not doing any of this out of some deep buried white guilt. Good grief imagine the epic grievances to be paid for the Viking side of my ancestry. The point I’m trying to make is that none of us can change the past, but what we choose to do in the present will directly effect what happens in the future and in our own unique ways we each have the ability to make sure that the sins of the past do not repeat in the future that we individually have influence over.

Reviews Wanted

Dear Fans,

I greatly appreciate the time and effort that some of you have taken in order to leave reviews for my books. I have however noticed a gradual slackening of reviews over the years and I sincerely wish it were not so. As a self-published author I am very dependent on reviews simply to get noticed. It may seem a small thing to you, but it is a big thing for me, along with the validation I receive of having done some good in the life of another as well as the not so fun grounding experiences I receive from those who hate my failings as a grammar expert. Here's a secret - so do I.



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