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Rebirth: New Website and a New Book

Hello Fans! Finally I have a new book (new website too) out after a two year hiatus. God willingly this will never happen again. I love writing and it has literally been painful not to write. Even though I wasn't writing lots of ideas about what to write kept occurring and it is my intention to get them all out on digital paper for you to read, but to do that please do keep me and my family in your prayers as we are going through the roughest time of our lives. To put it mildly - its been hell. Can't say the situation is resolved or even that much better, but the ability to overcome is more pronounced in my life than ever before. One of the most profound ways I have overcome in my life was to become an author. It is now once more an act of courage to write in the midst of all that is going on, but with God's help, I will, and I thank Him for this latest book, along with my first non-fiction book - A Guy's Thoughts.

God’s keeping me in the fight and I owe it to Him to continually try and if need be try again and again. Life isn't easy, but having a good story to write or read is certainly one of life's pleasures and for me this most recent story is in fulfillment of both of those parameters, but don't take my word for it, read it yourself. Free review copies available to all who ask. Make your enquiries if interested in reviewing to guysactionwords@gmail.com .



P.S. Please do subscribe to my new website's Subscribed Fan List so you don't miss upcoming book releases or updates. I have some cool new ideas that I want to start unveiling soon and it would be a shame if you, dear fan, were to miss out on them.

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