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Design Services - What you get for $175.00

- Three Book Cover (jpeg or pdf) Files. One is formatted for easy website viewing/advertising. One is formatted a little bigger for the direct upload into your ebook file generator or Amazon, etc. The last file is the largest and rendered in 300dpi, which is what your book cover was designed in before being reduced in size to the two prior listed file sizes.

- I will look for cover models/background photos based off of the story synopsis given me. Hint: Please be descriptive of the theme your looking for and not so much your whole book somehow condensed magically to fit onto the front cover. Important book traits like hair color, time period/era, etc.... all need to be discussed in the enquiry email, along with book genre, title, if it's in a series, and the author's full name. All photos sourced will be paid for and royalty free. I welcome author participation in finding the cover art, but price fluctuations may occur on account of super expensive cover art picked out personally by the author. The author of course has the final say on all cover art to be used. Cover Art will be primarily sourced from Fotolia, IStock Photo, Photodune, Deposit Photos, and 123rf.

- A working prototype of the book cover will be emailed to the author/client for their final approval. One round of changes will be done if necessary as part of the stated book cover price of $175.00. Additional changes past the initial round may result in additional charges and if this is to be the case the client will be notified of it.  Payment is due upon final approval by the author/client of the prototype book cover. All payments will be done via PayPal, upon receipt of payment the book files will be emailed to the client. All sales are final.

- I retain the copyright of the book cover as intelectual property and allow the free use of it to the client upon full payment of the stated design price to be disseminated however they so please to do providing that two conditions are met.

Two Conditions:

1) My name, Guy S. Stanton III, needs to be listed as the book cover design artist on your book detail page. A live link back to my website would be greatly appreciated.

2) The right to display your finished book cover on my website as an example of past design work for new buyers or in advertisements for my book cover design services. Suggestion: If you create a live link back to my website on your book's detail page. I will create a corresponding live link back to the author's book page via the displayed image of their book cover on my website to their website if the page exists. Working together we can both help each other out.

- I reserve the right to accept or reject any book cover design queries I receive. There are simply some things I will not have a hand in designing, even as there are some people who have an attitude not work putting up with.

- All designs will be completed in an as timely fashion as possible. That said, three days to a week should be expected for most book covers.

- All interested Book Cover Design Queries should be titled as such in the email title and be sent to, with the previously requested book info/design details. Please do try to give me a good picture of what your hoping to arrive at and if I'm in doubt of it I will ask questions.

That's it in terms of rules and conditions. I look forward to your emails of query.

Guy S. Stanton III

P.S. See below for possible Book Trailer Design Services


Booktrailers- I love them.... a couple of things about them though.

- They are hard to do and I still have a lot to learn.

- They are very and I mean very expensive to do.

- Honestly, someone else could probably do

something cheaper than what I would charge.


If your still interested then drop me an

email query at

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