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If you've come looking for something good to read - a story that engages - then you've found your author.

If you've come because you liked what I've written - then stay tuned - and with God's help I'll keep writing the stories that will keep you coming back. I love reader feedback and with your permission I'd love to post your thoughts on my website as a testimonial to help other people.


If you've come to share about your life and any positive or negative impact my writing has had on you then you've found someone who will listen and if needed offer up prayer for you or the situation your going through.


If you've come because your a fellow author/writer and you would like advice or help then you've found an ally in this author. Trust me I know how hard it is and if I feel led to help you I will.


If you've come because your a lost soul who has never found salvation through Jesus Christ or just a reader with questions then here is my email address: . If you reach out to me I will do my best to answer or be a sounding board for any questions you might have on topics of interest brought up in the content of my books. I was put here on earth to help. My books are one of the ways how God has enabled me to reach those most in need. You, dear one, have my sincere promise that I will try my best to help you even as I ask for God's guidance in terms of all advice given just as I pray for His guidance and inspiration for every word that proceeds forth from my pen or mouth.  I am a man under the authority of the Most High God to be used as He wishes to so enemies beware. I am not alone. I am saved - redeemed - reborn - anointed - and wonderfully loved. The good news is so can you be and if your already saved, but cast in doubt about something, well that can be fixed to. With God through the redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ all things are possible!


Guy S. Stanton III - An ordinary man God has used to do unordinary things with.

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